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The Power of Photogrammetry

The development of photogrammetry software is a boom in recent years. They became faster, more accurate and much easier to use.

I tried one of them for several projects in 2016, the Autodesk ReMake, which works fine even with photos taken by mobile phones and its only requirement is that, please take as many photos for your target as possible, from different perspectives.

One of these 3d scanning projects is an educational one, in which three tutors taught 29 secondary school students who loved art to make their sculptures by hands, then to shoot these works by mobile phones in order to pass these data to ReMake for the generation of 3d models, and finally to import these geometries into Unity 5 to compile an app/installer to run on mobile phones/PCs, with which these young authors could interact with the virtual version of their own works.

And these virtual sculptures have been released online already via Sketchfab. For the full collection please refer to this link.

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